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Update Information for MidpX 1.0.2:

  1. Update Midp2Exe runtime to latest version 1.3.2.

MidpX is an integration tool to help user to manage your j2me software. MidpX is also an Internet Explorer and File Explorer BHO (Browser Help Object) plug-in. After installation, you will find a MidpX tool located at the IE or Explorer's toolbar bands.

MidpX also supports Sun Microsystems Wireless Toolkits (WTK). You can find WTK emulators from MidpX's emulator list.

Another important feature of MidpX is Build-in OTA provisioning Agent. The MidpX's OTA agent will help manage JAD and JAR files and run software on the fly. OTA provisioning is done by a special Java contain management tool. The tool will handle local and internet contains for J2ME related software.

This version we just test with Internet Explorer and File Explorer. We aren't sure if the program works with other platform.

How OTA works

The standard method to do OTA is launching OTA agent via a JAD URL or a local JAD file. JAD will keep important information for midlets and OTA agent will read this information then finish the OTA processing.

By default, you need a JAD and JAR to run MIDP software. If you only own JAR file, we just pass it to MIDP2EXE emulator to handle it. MIDP2EXE is now the only emulator to handle JAR directly. We also perform a tricky way to identify the JAR file location. You can read following working flow chart to know the detail information.

Here is also a special tool for Internet Explore Popup Menu. If OTA agent can not identify the URL currently, you need use this Internet Explorer script tool to handle the URL. Just "Right Click" on the URL linkage then choice "Link to MidpX". This will tell Internet Explorer passes the URL to our agent.

Work Flow Chart of OTA


MidpX Internet Explorer Plug-ins

OTA Provisioning Agent

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